Thong Joy

Thong Joy Arch Support Insoles for Sandals

sandals with arch support for plantar fasciitis


sandal arch support insert

Comfortable Feet

Thong Joy insoles give you comfort with a perfect balance of softness for the balls of your feet and support for your arches.  The concealing shape and transparent gel cushioning make them virtually invisible, so your style gets all the attention.

 Your Best Legs

Great looking legs start with a good foundation.  Flat sandals can cause your body weight to sag downward to the inside of your legs and instep of your feet, a look that will definitely not do your legs justice. Thong Joy inserts support your arches giving your hips and legs a sleek silhouette.   


Best sandal arch support





sandal support cushion for plantar fasciitis and fallen arches




women's sandals with arch support and metatarsal support



flip flops with arches for flat feet


sandal cushion insoles



Cushion inserts with arch support