Thong Joy

Love How Your Sandals & Flip-Flops Look? Now Love How They Feel

Amazing Comfort

Image every step in your sandals like walking on a cloud.  The hard stiffness of your sandal is now a soft cushioned pad that molds to the contours of your foot for a better feel and better fit.

Support & Stability

Walk with support and stability in your sandals.  The soft, supportive arch prevents over-pronation, while the raised metatarsal ridge gives your toes a solid grip and the dimpled surface keeps your feet from slipping.

Virtually Invisible

Thong Joy is made especially for sandals, both slip-on and thong styles.  The molded shape and transparent cushioning make the underfoot design totally discreet, so your style gets all the attention.

Treat Your Feet

From flip-flops to designer sandals, Thong Joy insoles make them all comfy, cushy footwear.


Customer Love

sandals plantar fasciitis
Thong essential! Love these. Just bought 2 more pairs for my other sandals.

– Ari

insole for flip flop
Great Find! I bought these for my sandals because they didn't have an arch. These made them perfect and really comfy.

– Karen