Thong Joy


Frequently Asked Questions


How high is the arch support?

   -The arch is anatomically shaped.  It's 10mm at the instep.


How do the inserts stay in my sandals?

   - Thong Joy insoles have an adhesive back that will secure them to the surface of your sandals.


Do I need a separate pair of insoles for each pair of my sandals?

   - We recommend having a pair of Thong Joy insoles for each pair of sandals you plan to use them with.  Repeatedly removing and reapplying your insoles will compromise the stickiness of the adhesive.  


I have flat feet, will inserts be uncomfortable?

   - If you have flat feet, it is possible that inserts may feel uncomfortable at first as your feet may not be used to the pressure and support of an arch.  Once your foot adjusts, you should be much more comfortable.


How do Thong Joy inserts improve my legs appearance?

   - Thong Joy inserts evenly distribute pressure across your feet and align you body.  This alignment of posture is particularly visible in the legs and hips.


What if I need to return my purchase?

   - To initiate a return email us at and include your order number.  We will reply with a prepaid label for your return.


How long will it take to get my order?

   - To states within the contiguous U.S., most orders are delivered 3 business days following order placement.  Expedited shipping is available at checkout.  Deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii may take additional time.