Thong Joy

3/4 Length Sandal Inserts


Thong Joy premium arch support insoles will keep your feet comfy all day long in your favorite sandals.  No more having to choose between your favorite styles and those that are actually comfortable enough to wear.  Great for flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

The adhesive back secures them exactly where they make your feet feel their best in virtually every style sandal.  This ensures great comfort and stability with every step.  The contoured arch support also helps support your legs so they look their absolute best. 

  • Medical grade gel foot pad molds to the ball of your feet reducing pressure. 
  • Soft arch provides support to your instep. 
  • The 3/4 length design and transparent gel cushioning conceals them.
  • Forefoot inlet slit allows the option to position in thong style sandals
  • Adhesive backing keeps them secured, but removable without damaging your sandal's sole.
  • They reduce the pain from flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

Try them once, you'll never wear sandals without them again!