Thong Joy

Metatarsal Insert Pad for Sandals and Flip Flops


Thong Joy Metatarsal Pads cushion the balls of your feet like no other.  Designed specifically for open toed and thong sandals, these pads are thicker and a tad wider than other forefoot pads.  One size fits all.

  • Wear Your Favorite Sandal Styles – Designed specifically for women’s open toe thongs and slip-ons, flats and high heel sandals

  •  Comfortable for Your Bare Feet – Thicker, softer gel, allows them to take the shape of your forefoot, molding comfortably around the ball of your foot

  •  Walk Confidently – Stop your feet from slipping and sliding and feel secure with every step, whether your feet are narrow or wide, your sandals will feel steady